Instructional Design Samples

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Storyboard - Workplace Safety & Security 

This storyboard served as the foundation for developing a module to train XHealth employees in workplace safety and security. This course includes defined objectives, course content, avatars, triggers, interactions, knowledge checks, and a final quiz.  

Tools Used: Articulate 360 Storyline, Microsoft Word

Design Document - Workplace Safety & Security 

Initial design for a module on Workplace Safety & Security

Tools Used: Articulate 360 Storyline, Microsoft Word 

Design Document - Creating a Simple Skincare Routine 

This course was specifically designed to instruct X Skincare employees in assisting clients with the creation of a basic skincare routine tailored to their individual skin types.

Tools Used: RISE 360, Microsoft Word

Storyboard - Adding Animation to a Picture in a Powerpoint Presentation 

This document served as the basis for creating a Camtasia video aimed at animating an image within a PowerPoint presentation.

Tools Used: Camtasia, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word

Storyboard - Tips for Effectively Working From Home 

This document was crafted to develop a Camtasia video offering employees helpful tips for successful remote work.

Tools Used: Camtasia, Microsoft Word

Storyboard - Networking Strategies 

This document was produced to create a Vyond video aimed at sharing networking tops to enhanse and expand an individual's professional network.

Tools Used: Vyond, Microsoft Word